unreadable The musical artist behind trending musical hits


Jordan Maxwell is known by his stage name as “illegible” for his hit song “MISTAKES” which has gone viral via platforms such as TikTok. Its melodious sound and memorable choruses have made it a household name. His maturity and mastery of his profession are my secret. Many people of all ages have become fans of him after hearing the success of this song.

J Max made it out of quarantine time by challenging himself to create multiple songs each day to master his unique ability to create viral hits. He is definitely aiming to take the fledgling hip hop scene by storm. Even at such a young age, he’s already able to jam the lyrics, put on a show, and let the beats flow. He has a large following on social media, with tens of thousands of people listening to his songs, with over 20,000 followers to date.

There are tracks that appeal to people of different ages, such as “MISTAKE” because they are both impressive and lyrically impressive. People of all ages, young and old, enjoy listening to his songs because of his excellent musical choice. J Max is a rising sensation that defies the odds is no exaggeration. J Max is on the fast track to becoming a world famous musical artist.

Check out J Max’s official artist page on Instagram: @illegible


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