Talchhapar Independent Music Artist Mudit Chotia has been praised by Salim Merchant and Anupam Kher for his outstanding songs!


Mudit Chotia is a freelance music artist from a city of Talchhapar in Rajasthan who is known for composing, producing, writing lyrics, singing, mixing and mastering, and video editing his songs all by himself. He is passionate about music and many different arts, and has been praised by stars like Salim Merchant and Anupam Kher.

A few years ago, he wanted to learn music. And he worked hard and in a few years he learned many musical instruments. He learned to make his own songs, which is exactly what he does now. His specialty is that he learned everything by himself on Youtube and Google.

Mudit Chotia can play many instruments but mainly guitar and piano. He composes, produces, writes lyrics, sings, mixes and masters and edits videos for his songs himself. His work and songs are appreciated by Bollywood music composer, producer and singer Salim Merchant and Bollywood actor Anupam Kher.

Currently, he is making songs for Youtube. you can also watch his videos on the Youtube channel: Mudit Chotia. His songs are also available on spotify, amazon prime music and many other platforms. As an audience, he’s a small artist, but his work looks so painstaking and promising.


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