Sanchit Bhusara wins hearts with his spellbinding tracks as a musical artist


He is a young talent who has also shown his skills as a YouTuber and social media influencer.

The way a few industries have flourished today cannot be attributed solely to the advent of technology. There are also a ton of other factors, the biggest of which is the relentless drive, passion, and relentless hard work of a few talented young beings. These youngsters are forging their own path to success in many ways and making sure to work their way to the top in whatever they choose to get their hands on. The music world has so far produced many extremely talented individuals, in the form of singers, producers, songwriters, entertainers, etc., but one name that has consistently caused quite a stir these latter times is Sanchit Bhusara.

Sanchit Sonu Bhusara has become an Indian music artist, YouTuber as well as a social media influencer, now having a growing digital presence. It was his passion and a strong drive to succeed in his career that helped him follow his path and create waves as a young talent in music as well as social media. He is from Palghar, Maharashtra, and graduated in Computer Engineering. However, his quest to make something big in the music world helped him create his first song, “Mala Sodun Gelis Tu”, which was first released on SoundCloud and later on other national platforms. and international.

Coming from a modest family background, he understood the value of honesty and hard work and first completed his graduate studies at MIT Polytechnic College Yeola. He then became an Amazon influencer, promoting businesses through Instagram. His musical skills, however, are something that has earned him maximum recognition. His songs, like Roshni Musical Randha, Vijay Kaka, DJ Sanchit, Premacha Mara and Tarpa, in addition to Mala Sodun Gelis Tu, available on Spotify and other platforms, all got him lots of love and applause from listeners, making them hooked on his songs.

He is definitely here to stay and rock the music and social media niches. For more, follow him on Instagram @sanchitbhusara


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