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Nakabaale Marvin, professionally known as Marval Beatz, is a Ugandan music promoter, artist and audio producer. He was born on December 12, 2000 in Kawempe. He grew up in Lugala, Buikwe district, where he was raised by his grandmother.

Marval Beatz attended Victoria Primary School for his Primary level and Hawa Secondary School for his Secondary level and Makerere Business Insistute for his Certificate in Web Design and Hosting.

He began his musical career in Sunday school and in the church choir. A few years in the music industry, he recorded his debut album “CHAINISTOOLONG” where he featured many great artists such as Fari Bizznes, Ayo Bassboi, Song Boss Create and many more with hit songs. He started releasing his originals on major streaming platforms. Digital marketing is no longer a niche industry. It has become an integral part of marketing activities across industries to engage leads, drive traffic, and generate quality leads.

Brands that want to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital realm need marketers with digital expertise who can ensure their products and services are seen online – Skilled digital marketers need of knowledge and skills that go beyond basic marketing strategies and creativity skills and in Uganda you cannot mention them without adding Marval Beatz.

he is under keemfame.com a renowned digital marketing and PR company practicing in Uganda
Although renowned for his work in the world of digital marketing and advertising, before straightening the course of his journey into digital and public relations, Marval Beatz dabbled in music promotion.

Marval Beatz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Makerere Institution and a Diploma in Computer Science.

“Many musical artists wanted to sound like their international counterparts. They wanted to drop songs and monetize them. They didn’t know how to manage their social networks and leverage their notoriety to create revenue streams from the various internet music streaming platforms. This is where my solutions started to gain momentum,” says Marval, whose dream started with a music studio in 2017.

Marval Beatz was then, but a simple boutique agency that only he and a handful of friends knew. “We are the undisputed kings of SEO, website development and design, the Google Display Network and social media buying. We have helped businesses and individuals amass traffic on the platforms of their choice and taught them how to monetize that traffic,” says Marval Beatz. He points out that taking brands and businesses to the next level has always been a passion of his, and it’s all he was looking to do. of his work Challenges.

According to Marval Beatz, most people don’t understand how digital works.
“Most people don’t understand why they are paying. They don’t believe in processes. They think digital is a shelf product that you pay for and take home immediately, which is not the case. They don’t understand the different steps you need to take to make your ads work. They don’t know that success in the digital realm is a combination of various factors that move and evolve day by day. If people can understand that, and the need to listen and do what an expert says, then things would be a lot easier,” he added.

For someone who started out in a music studio in Makindye and is now one of the few Ugandans with over 140,000 Instagram followers, Marval Beatz has a lot to note in the book like his accomplishments.

For his brand, he has helped many Ugandan and international companies and artists reach their respective potential targets, becoming a sought-after brand in markets across the continent.


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