PewDiePie Responds to Spotify Music Artist Controversy


In a recent video, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg took the time to address the situation surrounding his trending music tastes on Twitter.

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Although Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has quit Twitter altogether, the internet personality often finds himself on the trending tab. Recently, PewDiePie was trending on Twitter because his recently played artists on Spotify were leaked online, sparking a massive discussion.

The discussion ranged from civil to downright mean, with some users mentioning that while they dislike PewDiePie, they were surprised to share similar musical tastes. Now, Kjellberg has made a YouTube video responding to the situation while providing some insight from his perspective.


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Kjellberg has made it clear in the past that he has come to dislike Twitter very much. In fact, he deleted his Twitter account entirely in December 2019 following a video he made criticizing the “moral posturing” many users engage in on the site. Although many users on the platform dislike Kjellberg, there are plenty of others who are fans of him and the content he creates. This came out in full force when footage from Kjellberg’s Spotify account leaked online.

The leaked images show artists Kjellberg has been listening to recently, such as Kero Kero Bonito, SOPHIE, and Slayyyter. This isn’t the first time Kjellberg’s internet information has leaked, as recently he accidentally leaked his PSN name on a live stream. However, the situation with Kjellberg’s musical tastes has caused a huge debate on Twitter, with artists disavowing him on the platform. Kjellberg took the time to respond to a specific tweet from Gupi and explain why he takes issue with these types of responses.

Gupi’s tweet reads: “I just woke up to find that pewdiepie is listening to me and others, pewdiepie please don’t listen to my music. Alright, back to bed. While feigning grief, Kjellberg read the tweet aloud, making jokes mocking Gupi for getting angry that Kjellberg listened to music online. Kjellberg jokingly responds, “B*itch, who the fuck are you?! I don’t know who you are,” while referencing a popular meme of Thanos from Avengers Endgame.

He then gets a bit more serious, saying, “For a musician, it’s a pretty tone deaf opinion to try to keep your music if you put it on a public platform. For example, I can’t imagine going to YouTube and saying, “No, you can’t watch my YouTube videos.” The end of his video touches on some pretty poignant topics. Kjellberg says he would always listen to an artist whose music has heavily influenced him in the past, even if he were to publicly disavow it.

Additionally, he posits that many people online seem to hate “the idea of ​​PewDiePie” after seeing only negative media coverage of him. Kjellberg ends the video by asking his viewers not to send hate to the artists mentioned in the video before discussing his intention to donate his monthly YouTube livestream subscription earnings to the Lebanese Red Cross. following the Beirut disaster, which he does with different charities every month.

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