New Bedford musical artist Eric Santos Ewreckage topped the charts


NEW BEDFORD – Local New Bedford musical artist Eric Santos, better known as Erwreckage, topped the charts with his new album, “Ruby”.

“My first album (‘Eccentric’) was more acoustic. And ‘Ruby’ has more upbeat full instrumentals, ”said Santos, 21, whose debut album also topped the charts. “He’s got more dancing and more energy.”

So far, “Ruby” has ranked No. 1 in seven countries including Malta, Mauritius, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica and Portugal – the country where he is most proud to lead. charts.

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“Someone who comes from a Portuguese background, it means a lot to represent my culture,” he said. “And even though I was not born in Portugal, being able to represent and share my achievements with them too is great.”

Eric Santos poses with his album, "Eccentric," in New Bedford.

Santos topped 187 artists from around the world in the Global Digital Artist Rankings, including artists such as Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Sam Smith, and Migos.

“I keep looking at the charts for any action because I’m not getting any sort of notification. So it’s really me, like every hour I check and see if I see an action,” he said. .

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Born and raised in New Bedford, Santos, has always loved music and poetry. “I really consider music and poetry on very similar levels,” he said in a previous interview. Santos started writing songs in high school, where he got his famous stage name “Ewreckage” from his friends. (It’s a play-off his name Eric – E-Wreck – Wreckage.)

While studying at Bridgewater State, Santos released his album “Excentric” which ranked # 1 in Portugal and India, # 2 in Mongolia and # 3 in the Philippines. In 2020, he received the Album of the Year award by the Los Angeles Tribune.

“Ewreckage is the hidden gem of the year,” The Tribune wrote in its “10 best albums of 2020” list. Today, Santos has been awarded No. 1 on the album charts in 11 countries throughout his musical career.

Her new album, “Ruby”, is named after the gemstone associated with her birth month – July. The album features seven tracks and features a new remix of his flagship song, “Ocean”.

Eric Santos (Ewreckage) holds awards for his album, "Eccentric."

“It’s a common joke that I keep releasing ‘Ocean’ under different songs,” he said. “I wanted to take it a step further and see if I could remix it again and try to make it a more dancey or exciting version.

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“People are joking, it’s the Disney version, because it’s very much alive. It gives off that kind of vibe.

His favorite song from the album is “Currents”, which he says is meant to follow on from “Ocean”. The song is about holding on through tough times.

Eric Santos, aka Ewreckage

“I’m in a pretty happy time of my life where on my first album I was single, and now I’m dating someone I’m happy with. It’s supposed to represent more uplifting moments, ”he added.

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In addition to producing music, Santos is a reporter for, a source of news, rumors, stats and scores for the Houston Rockets. He recently graduated in English and Secondary Education from Bridgewater State University.

For now, he says he could take a “little break” from the music.

“Right now I’m still enjoying what’s going on with ‘Ruby’. But I guess I’ll play it by ear, maybe a next album in the works, ”he said.

“I’ll play it.”

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