Musical artist MelFigure: talks about new music, spirituality and unique style


Extravagant Music Artist MelFigure uses his personality to shake up the music industry. Known for his high energy and unique style, he relies heavily on his original lyrics to resonate with the masses. His upbringing in Houston, Texas and his popularity in high school gave him the courage to embark on a career as a solo artist.

I caught up with the Atlanta native for a brief interview below. As he candidly discusses his spirituality, creative process, and releasing new content, his desire for success is paramount.

Interview with MelFigure

Respect: Where do you draw your influence from when creating music?

Figure: When I create music, I am influenced by my different spiritual beliefs. I have a strong connection with the vibrations of the universe, because I am very attached to the signs given by the universe. I take these signs that I receive and transform them into sound/music.

Respect: How did your upbringing influence your original sound?

Figure: Coming up, I’ve always had a very diverse group of friends that I think inspires my range of genres. Also around the age of 14, I moved to Texas and met a group of friends. There were 8 of us. We started using the name ‘FLESH’ which means free soul and spirit. This too played a role in my free-spirited ways.

Respect: How would you best describe your unique style?

Figure: If I had to use one word to describe my style/sound, it would be “strange”, which to me means outside the natural/normal force of the earth.

Respect: What was the inspiration behind your Jaguar Induction project?

Figure: My inspiration for Induction Jaguar came from the birth of my raging spirit. This side of me has been given the name jaguar, which is my spirit animal. Around the age of 17, I found my name ‘MelFigure’ which means action figure with 2 spirits.

I came up with this name because I have 2 sides to me. I have a cold side that I describe as my island boy side, and then I have my outrageous, “jaguar” side. It was the main spirit of my album. Jaguar Induction was a part of me that I had been hiding for years. This is the side that I used as an outlet for unexpressed emotions.

Respect: When can we expect new material from you?

Figure: You can expect new music anytime over the next 3 months.

Press play below to stream some of MelFigure’s music.

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