Music artist Nolan and International Women In Reggae release single Truth B’ Told in time for midterm elections


NEW YORK – Music artist Nolan and all-female reggae band International Women In Reggae have joined forces on new reggae single The truth has been told in time for the 2022 midterm elections on November 8.

The single was officially released on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday September 20, with a new music video on the Instagram, Facebook and You Tube platforms. It is described by singer-songwriter Nolan as “a social commentary and an urgent call to action, in time for one of the most important midterm elections we will see in our lifetime”.

Nolan and International Women in Reggae – Photo credit: Ian Buddington

According to the Jewish Brooklyn native, The truth has been told is essentially both a warning and a reminder to voters to take the November 8 midterm elections very seriously because, according to him, “our democracy and our way of life are now under serious threat. The dramatic extent to which the truth is being besieged by both Republican politicians and the former president’s supporters is alarming. When opinions become facts and the truth simply doesn’t matter anymore, we are in a dangerous situation. With this song, I’m asking those who are still reasonable and can impact election results by voting to really pay attention to where we are and what’s at stake and do something before it happens. don’t be too late. The life you are currently living may depend on it.

The release of the hard-hitting, unrestrained song and accompanying video is the result of over forty years of tenacity, passion and hard work by an artist who believes his time has come.

Born Nolan Myerson to middle-class parents in Eastern New York, he found himself drawn to the music of legends such as Aretha Franklin, the Beach Boys and, in his own words, “Both Bobs- Dylan and Marley” from an early age. age. The powerful message in the music of songs like Marley’s Redemption Song, Buffalo Soldier and Stand up had a real and lasting impact that would influence his own work in the lyrics of The truth has been told decades later.

Meanwhile, in the late 1970s, Nolan was playing open-mic nights both solo and with bands he formed, while driving a cab to supplement his income while pursuing his music career. But over the next few years, marriage, children and the responsibilities that came with it led him to various jobs in the corporate world, despite a hint of success when he sold a song for an industrial video to Bell Telephone Company. (now Verizon).

After dabbling in songwriting groups such as NSAI (National Songwriters Association Inc.) where, in his words, “I wrote songs for other people and got them all rejected”, the election of the former president in 2016 and the events that followed during his four-year tenure gave Nolan an epiphany.

“I was so concerned about where the country was going that I decided I had to do something, and instead of writing songs that I thought people wanted to hear, I had to write songs about what I meant,” he said. . “Truth B’ Told actually started life as a country song called I am for the United States, but I started changing it to something more proactive as the 2020 election approached, then it evolved again after the January 6 insurgency. Eventually I decided to finish it and release it in time for the 2022 midterms, to get people out of their normal “midterm apathy” that we can no longer afford with all that is in play in November.

He met International Women in Reggae founder Ariane Wint and the band through mutual musical acquaintances and it was their involvement that created the reggae-inspired version of the song that exists today.

Wint, an accomplished percussionist, founded the band in 2017 and they are one of the very few female reggae bands currently active in the United States. Prior to working with Nolan, they had previously shared the stage with Grammy-nominated Monty Alexander, as well as Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt and Ken Boothe, among others.

“With the help of Ariane and the ladies, the song took an entirely different direction, with the one-drop drummer pocket setting the stage for the piano intro, the traveling bass line and the lead guitar swapping sections with the horns. The call and response vocals between me and the lead singers of IWIR are a bit reminiscent of Bob Marley and the I Three, which I think adds depth and texture to what is essentially an urgent call to a revolution of truth.

With several more songs in the works, Nolan is already anticipating the end of a full album soon, and although he says he still loves rock and roll, he thinks that “reggae is a kind of biological essence that takes control of your whole body. And that will always be the backdrop for what I try to create. I will never try to fake a Jamaican accent. But I will punctuate my lyrics with the music in such a way that it fully complements the sound I’m trying to achieve.

The truth has been told the single is now available on most streaming platforms.


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