Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed – A young musical artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mohammad Kawsar Ahmef Popular Musical Artist

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed, popular influencer and Bangladeshi music artist

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed, professionally known, is a Musicaal artist and entrepreneur based in Dhaka, Bangladesh “

—Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed

DHAKA, DHAKA, BANGLADESH, May 6, 2021 / – Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed is emerging as one of the digital marketers and entrepreneur of popular musical artists who overcame his challenges, turned them into opportunities and achieved his goals. He is a proud musical artist who started working at the age of 19. When people his age engaged in typical teenage activities, he used his potential to the fullest and worked hard day and night to become what he is today.

He started his career in music and digital marketing in 2021 with an album titled “Inspiration” from renowned audio and digital marketing company “Kawsar Digital Media” & KDN Records.

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed currently owner of three digital marketing companies.
Its organizations: – “Kawsar Digital Media”
“KDN Records” and “Kawsar Agency”

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed does his digital marketing work primarily through Kawsar Digital Media and Kawsar Agency.
And KDN Records worked as a musician. He is the owner of these 3 institutions.

Sacrificing his teenage years for a bright future worked in his favor and today he is the person behind promoting well-known brands and entrepreneurs on social media with his marketing skills.

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed has become every brand’s top choice for social media marketing.

The young influencer now manages many brands and international clients. When asked how success came to him, Kawsar said, “You have to sacrifice your free time and work hard to be able to reap the benefits later. Give 5 years of your time now and scramble as much as you can because I believe this is the time that will help you immensely in establishing yourself.

With many recognized international clients and brands, he has established an extensive network to promote the brands he has been associated with. Hard work, determination and sacrifice in life made his dreams come true and Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed believes he is a student by day and a businessman by night. Accomplishing so much at this young age has made the young man one of the successful social media marketers today.

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed has already been verified as an Official Artist of the international music platforms YouTube, TikTok and Spotify.

It received official YouTube Artist Channel verification in January 2021 and recently it also received Spotify’s Artist Verify badge. His official artist channel named “Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed” also checked in January 2021.

“I have worked with a lot of production houses, but now is the time to work on my own YouTube channel,” he said.

“YouTube gave me an official artist verification; how many do i get? From now on, I will post all of my songs from my own verified YouTube channel “Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed” and also put my songs on all other international platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Tidal. And in the future, I will think everyone will publish their songs this way, I started from now.

And now the epidemic situation of the country, it is not possible to work outside of home. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go. So I think right now YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and all streaming apps are the best medium for publishing songs at home.

“Finally, many thanks to YouTube, Spotify and Jiosavan for checking me out as an artist to move my music forward live. Everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you more good songs There was a lot of love and blessing.

Mohamed Kawsar Ahmed
Kawsar Digital Network
[email protected]


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