Mamunur Rashid Evan, a talented young debater and vocal artist who also contributes to the music platform


Mamunur Rashid Evan is a Bangladeshi music and singing artist who has already done a good job in the music industry from an early age. His podcasts are also very well known among all Bengalis. Besides being a musical artist, Mamunur Rashid Evan is also a two-time Bangladesh National TV Debate Champion, most notably in 2016 and 2017. He was born on October 18 and raised in Narsingdi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

From an early age, Mamunur Rashid Evan was very active in cultural activities. From the time he was in school, he took part in various social competitions such as debating contests, poetry recitations, speeches, etc. and has always been successful. The teachers at the school were very grateful for his continued success. He has participated in these competitions from an early age and has won numerous awards. Everyone called him the champion of the debate in his school and university life.

Mamunur Rashid Evan hosted podcasts from 2018 to 2019 and his podcasts were very famous. He shared his podcasts with everyone through his Facebook page. His podcasts captured people’s hearts in a very short time and went viral overnight. The topics of her podcast were life-focused education, motivation, love, coming back from a broken situation, etc. His podcasts have helped many people in so many ways. These podcasts have worked very hard to purify the human soul. This is why people liked Mamunur Rashid Evan podcasts very much. But unfortunately he hasn’t been able to continue his podcasts for a long time. His real Facebook page was suddenly hacked and Mamunur Rashid Evan broke down emotionally for this reason.

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But in 2021, Mamunur Rashid Evan decided to do something new. He is now working on music and several of his songs have already been officially released. He has also posted songs to popular online music platforms so that his listeners can easily listen to his songs. In a short time, online music platforms also verified it like YouTube, Spotify, Geosavan, Dezzer, etc. His songs also gained popularity with listeners in a very short time and went viral via Facebook and Spotify.

Although Mamunur Rashid Evan is a talented vocal artist, he still has a long way to go. May he be successful in his university life, fulfill his parents’ dreams and be more successful in his future life. We pray to God for him.


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