International News: Chinese vocal artist Luohai Wu performs for United Nations intangible cultural heritage


United Nations Performance for Intangible Cultural Heritage and Biodiversity | Luohai Wu | Soothing and calming music | Chinese traditional arts | Chinese culture.

On November 20, 2021, Chinese vocal artist Luohai Wu released an MV for his performance held at the Shenzhen Nan Shan International Conference Center, located in Guangdong Province, China. Check out his MV here:

Based on the information available, in the form of a specially dedicated clip, this press conference is hosted by Shenzhen Xinbuluo Culture Communications Co. Ltd and co-hosted by Bom Music to promote the voice of Chinese culture and enable more people around the world advocating the preservation of intangible cultural heritages accredited by the United Nations.

As the successor of intangible cultural heritage in China, Luohai Wu has a unique understanding of traditional Chinese arts and culture.

She creates her music video for the Convention on Biodiversity, a world conference organized for all countries to discuss a plan to preserve the environment.

As Luohai Wu’s performance advocates the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity and the protection of the planet’s biodiversity, it also marks an influential message to awaken people around the world to humanitarian causes.

Born and raised among the Buyi, an ethnic minority loyal to mother nature in China, Luohai Wu grew up listening to the ancient ballads of her people praising mother nature. Listen now:

The magnificent mountains and waters of his birthplace endowed Luohai Wu with his ethereal, soothing voice.

The ancient Buyi ballads sung by her loving mother and Buyi parents have long immersed her soul which inspired such a calming and calming style.

Growing up in the mountains and not originally from a privileged part of China, Luohai Wu discovers her life purpose as she overcomes arduous challenges along her path as this music’s successor and Buyi dance in decline.

Her life mission is to awaken people around the world, just like you and me, to discover a vibrant and meaningful life through her soul healing Buyi music and dances. Listen now:

Luohai Wu:
Successor of Buyi Ballads
Founder of Shenzhen Xinbuluo Culture Communications Co. Ltd
Founder of the “Luohai • Wu” embroidery brand

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