Former GFRIEND Leader Sowon Signs With The IOK Company As A Musical Artist And Actress! : K-WAVE: Korean portal



After previous speculation and reports, it is finally official that Sowon, known by her real name Kim So Jung, has signed with the IOK company but not just as a musical artist.

According to recent reports, former GFRIEND member Sowon has finally joined the IOK company and will start promoting under her name Kim So Jung as an actress in the agency.

As of today, IOK Company made the announcement through an official press release, welcoming Sowon!

The IOK company announced:

“Sowon, who was loved as the leader of GFRIEND, will change her stage name to Kim So Jung and make another leap forward with IOK Company. We will give our full support to Kim So Jung so that she can shine and show her endless potential and talents as an actress.

We ask for your support and interest in Kim So Jung’s future activities. “

IOK Company then said that Sowon would not only be active as an actress, but also in various fields.

Congratulations to Sowon and his new agency, IOK Company!

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