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Otaru Dayo Konrad, who goes by the stage name “DAYYO”, is a young artist born in Nigeria, originally from Edo State, but born and bought in Lagos.

He started his music career professionally in 2021. With the rare talent of combining sweet psychedelic melodies and lyrics to inevitably soothe the ears of listeners.

The young artist owes his musical prowess not to relatives but rather to previous and contemporary musical personalities that he has listened to / listened to.

The likes of Fela kuti, Micheal jackson, 2face, Thugger, Wande Coal are responsible for the unique sound we hear from the young protégé today. He doesn’t divulge much about his youth but we were able to collect a lot, he lived in Ikeja before moving to his aunt’s house in Lekki, he also attended and completed his high school education at the distinguished “ST.FINBARR’S COLLEGE”.

Dayyo is a rapper, singer, producer or trying to figure out a genre in which to place his music would be a disheartening containment of his musical innovation and versatility. From afrobeats to pop to trap, the artist never ceases to confuse his audience. So as to what kind of artist Dayyo is, unambiguously a good one. And when it comes to music categorization, it just makes music. So far his first project is based on ‘Afro’. What makes his music unique are a number of things, my voice, my fusion of different genres and cultures, and my combination of meaningful words and catchy phrases.

The Nigerian artist has signed a recording contract with the Luciid Vibrations label and also as he is convinced that the label is the only one that does not share the myopia of its contemporary counterparts and is open-minded enough to accept and promote its versatility. An artist’s saying goes “some people go through life and some people determine how life unfolds”. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that the artist will embody the positive side of his own words and make his dreams come true, we look forward to seeing the artist grow in the years to come.

About Nuts N Caramel Ep

The ep is a lovely compilation of afrobeats, afro fusion, and a touch of hip-hop, all leading to the same conclusion, likes a female gender appreciation.

Lots, a mix of motion-triggered melodies and percussion that will make you leave your seat every time you listen with a simple message, a profession of love

Kitkat is an afroswing type sound using chocolates and candies symbolically to communicate how sweet a woman can be.

Sare, here is another percussion based track with a similar message to “a lot” but in a different packaging.

Thoth, this is a song based on hip hop but with a hint of Afro, as the artist describes his experiences with women in the past.

Bate, the title indicates anger, it’s because of the aggression that accompanies it as the performer insists she leaves her man for him, letting her know the benefits of it.

“My dream is to pay my membership fee to the world and to myself”

Listen to Dayyo Music Go Check Out “Sare” Visual Off The EP

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