Data Vault Holdings to Launch NFT Marketplace and Trade with Music Provider Stemit, Revolutionizing Monetization Opportunities for Independent Artists and Labels


“We are delighted to work with Datavault®, as our partnership with Datavault’s cloud-based cryptographic technology will allow artists and labels on each of these platforms to benefit from modern data-driven solutions that benefit both labels and music creators. We realized that stems are now a top priority for labels, as they have begun to value their importance as part of a deployable catalog of assets,” notes the founder and CEO of Stemit. Joshua Kaplan. “Very few labels have a comprehensive library alongside their masters that allows them to take advantage of revenue opportunities in games, karaoke and, of course, sync. There has also been a movement for labels to provide non-vocal versions of their masters to meet the explosion in demand for instrumental playlists.”

Companies will begin using ADIO’s patented sound data technology to inject asset identifiers into audio NFTs, providing a secure new layer of rights protection and asset tracking with enhanced cybersecurity features.

“Datavault® first prioritized cybersecurity within our patented platform and protecting data content objects and media files for creators is paramount in our execution,” said the co-founder and CEO of Datavault®. Nathaniel Bradley. “Stemit has mastered the ability to isolate, couple and analyze music content in a way that promotes creativity and maximizes the financial return derived from music assets. We are excited about the impact our combined technologies will have on this market.”

Datavault, through its partnership with Stemit, will enable artists with the tools to create unique digital stories through NFTs and access the vast opportunity of the metaverse. These partnerships illustrate the growing democratization of data assets for the benefit of the artist and labels in the next iteration of the Internet, Web 3.0, where decentralization and user autonomy will take precedence.

About Data Vault Holdings Inc.
Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary cloud-based platform for delivering data-driven branded cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to securely monetize data assets through its Information Data Exchange (IDE). The company is finalizing the consolidation of its subsidiaries Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under a single corporate structure. Learn more about Data Vault Holdings Inc. here.

About Stemit Inc.
Stemit is the leader in AI-powered large-scale stem production (StemitNow), enabling separation of up to eight stems per song. Stems are managed through its stem management platform (StemStore), which provides stem storage, stem footprint, and stem metadata. Stemit is a trusted supplier of stem music to major independent labels around the world. Learn more about Stemit, Inc. here

ADIO LLC has developed a revolutionary ad-driven monetization platform that enhances user experience through high-frequency audio advertising. ADIO uses its pioneering patented data pocket technology to embed itself into an audio file for a more robust user experience. Learn more about ADIO LLC here.

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