Country music performer reveals secret sin that nearly destroyed his life


Country music performer Dave Robbins once thought his marriage – and his life – was essentially over. The founding member of the Blackhawk group had fallen into a “pit” of sin, straying outside of his marriage and facing other related struggles.

“Fifteen months ago I thought my life was over, I thought my marriage was over,” he said in a recent “I Am Second” video. “I grew up in church, I knew the Bible, I knew Jesus, but I didn’t feel saved. I felt separated, ashamed and full of guilt and full of fear.

Robbins explained that he has had a lifetime of struggles with temptation, including alcohol, sex and pornography. But it was when his secret infidelity got out of hand that he lost almost everything.

“I was at a loss for lies and my wife understood what was going on,” he said. But Robbins said he had finally found redemption, asking God to save him – and as a result his marriage and family were preserved.

Robbins’ wife Mary Lynn also appeared in the heartbreaking video, explaining the immense pain she felt upon learning of her husband’s betrayal. In the end, however, she chose to forgive him.

“As painful as it was, as heartbreaking as it could be, I always knew I would be attached to my wedding vows,” she said. “I knew I had to forgive him and I was going to have to give up that forgiveness.”

Watch the video below:

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