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COVINGTON – Country music singer and songwriter from Newton County Drew Parker recently celebrated two firsts: his first No.1 hit on country radio and the birth of his first child.

In an interview on Youtube with Acting Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce President Debbie Harper, Parker talks about the excitement over these two milestones that happened in the same week. He joked that friends had bet on whether or not the two events would converge – and they did.

Parker also opened up about Covington’s influence on the lyrics of the song that went on to become No. 1 – “Homemade,” sung by Jake Owen. Parker said he wrote the song with two co-writers. Inspiration, he said, was drawn from each writer’s hometown.

“It was kind of like ‘let’s go to our hometowns in our minds and what are the things that made us the people that we are’… Covington, being my hometown where I grew up, it played a big part. role in my life. It’s very important to me, ”Parker said. “I miss not being able to come home as often as I would like.

“My version is that this is Covington, Georgia.”

Parker said he has been writing and performing in Nashville for the past five years.

“It’s been a really cool trip since I’ve been in Nashville,” he said.

Harper said hearing the song and knowing Parker co-wrote it with Covington in mind creates a sense of pride for area residents about their hometown.

“We are so excited for you,” she said. “It kind of makes us feel good… it kind of makes you think about what he was thinking here at home when he wrote it.”

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