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NSW, Australia /MUSEWIRE – Music Industry Newswire/ – Topten Software recently announced that Cantabile 4, the electronic music performer platform, is no longer in beta and is now available. Notable improvements mainly concern Cantible Performer. Cantabile is a powerful and flexible VST host designed for performing musicians who want to perform better.

Cantabile’s audio and MIDI routing capabilities allow you to create dynamically changing setups. The audio engine ensures that there are no stuck notes and no audio glitches when routes change. If you’ve tried Cantabile before, you’ll be amazed at what’s new in Cantabile. From the new audio engine to the stunning new hi-res user interface, everything has been redesigned, redesigned and redesigned.

New features include: “Link Conditions”, “Countdown Timer”, “Improved Link Delays”, “Exclude Song from Preloading”, “MIDI Note Numbers for On-Screen Keyboard”, and “Import/Export controller bar layouts”.

Cantabile lets you create racks of instruments and effects that can be reused from song to song. Do you like to use a particular piano and reverb effect? Install them in a rack and reuse that same rack on as many songs as you want. Racks support multiple states, so your piano rack can have two states: one for bright and one for soft.

Cantabile is available in three editions – Lite, Solo and Performer.

Cantabile Lite continues to be completely free and there are no upgrade costs for Cantabile Solo and Cantabile Performer. As long as your update subscription is up to date, your existing license will continue to work.

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