Amir Abar is among the best-known musical artists, actors, social media and cybersecurity experts. His expertise has helped many online entities grow exponentially.


Who is Amir Abar? Well, this young man was born in 2000 in Shiraz, Iran, and from an early age he was seduced by the idea of ​​doing something that could help him stand out from others even in the midst of saturation and competition. For this, he has given his all and put in every possible effort to make it huge in his chosen industries. This is how he created success in social media and information security.

Talking about information security, Amir Abar says that as the world notices more and more cyber security threats, it creates urgency for experts like him who can secure information from unauthorized access. Amir Abar’s technical expertise and knowledge in preventing access, disclosure, use, recording, modification, inspection, destruction or disruption unauthorized information propelled him to the forefront of the industry. As a result, he has also gained many clients who trust him and rely on him for his excellence in the same field.

The young talent also explains how important social media is today for almost everyone. As a social media expert and consultant, the Iranian professional says it is perhaps the only medium that can help people reach other people in any other part of the world and help them win massive audience, reach and presence, which was not possible. with traditional forms of marketing. Social media, for him, is like a boon to the world, where people must capitalize on the tools it offers to achieve the next level of success in whatever they choose to do.

Its clients gain massive web presence and visibility which in turn boosts their brands and businesses. From small to medium to large sectors, he has worked excellently with each of them enhancing popularity with massive audience through his promotional skills, growing through his marketing strategies, resulting in great success. He quickly became one of the most wanted and sought after social media consultants and experts in no time.

Amir Abar is one of the best singers in the Iranian music market and has acted in several well-known series and movies.

For more, follow Amir Abar on Instagram @iamirabar.


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