"The Nameless Trio Timeline"

In 2007 “The Nameless Trio”  was an off handed suggestion by Matt Miklus while attempting to name his acoustic project featuring accompanying artists Pete Orlanski on bass and Chuck O’Donnell on guitar.  This trio was featured on a few tracks of Matt’s second  acoustic CD “From the Hillside”.  They performed their music at some small New England events including The Bluegrass on The Bogs Festival in Carver, MA as well as local pubs and cafes.

   Before long  this acoustic project  began to evolve.  It grew in size and shifted focus some before settling back into a new trio - Matt Miklus, Morgan Morse, and Pat Haddon.  It was this ensemble that began stirring up the Southern New England music scene with their handmade freestyle blend of acoustic music and made a name for The Nameless Trio. Their rotating instrumentation of upright bass, guitar, mandolin, dobro and banjo is reminiscent of Americana and/or folk music but their songs span a wider spectrum of musical genres including swing, blues, rock, honytonk, bluegrass and more. Their collaborative writing efforts kindled the birth of some infectious grooves and well written songs. The Trio released their self-titled album in May 2012 to rave reviews. Their single “It’s Alright” is a contagious rhythmic, feel good song. It is upbeat, vocals are crisp and the extended ‘boogie woogie’ jam keeps your bones shaking your feet tapping right to the very end.

    In the Spring of 2013 the Trio released their second CD “Explore!” which contains 10 tracks of all original music. With the help of Trespass Music and the internet the CD has been well received by critics and played on radio shows across the globe.

 “This group "grabs" with its wild exuberance, zest and intoxicating originality.  CT based, this sophomore LP stands tall with the best in the new wave of Americana that's rocking 3 continents!

- Magnus @ WCNI 90.9 FM CT College Community Radio

            “Explore! emphasizes a musical aptitude free and exuberant,             fresh and purposeful.”

- Remo Ricaldone, The Long Journey, Italy

    In 2015 another page is turned – Morgan Morse follows a different path to pursue  his passion  for theater .  The absence of Morgans’ talents and stage persona left some big shoes to fill but  The Nameless Trio presses on with the addition of veteran producer, recording engineer, studio/performing musician, songwriter, recording artist, and teacher – Richard Neal. 

    Richard brings along a lot of experience to The Nameless Trio.  Recent recording credits include the Discovery Channel (Penn & Teller) and PBS (Roadtrip Nation).  A dozen or more of his compositions  have been recorded by other artists, and several more have appeared in the stage acts of various singers. Collaborations with Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-step . He was on the bill at the Grey Fox, Podunk, and Strawberry Park bluegrass festivals and has appeared onstage as an accompanist with the likes of Peter Yarrow, Tom Chapin, Jonathan Edwards, Vanese Thomas, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Guy Davis, to name but a few.

   The Nameless Trio has already begun some recording with Richard and looks forward to an exciting new chapter of creating music.  Morgan Morse is and always will be an integral part of the trio’s history and will still be a part of their recordings, and performances when his theater schedule allows.  So the Trio is now a quartet?..... or something like that.  


Pat Haddon - bass, vocals

Matt Miklus - guitar, mando, banjo, dobro, vocals

Morgan Morse - guitar, mando, banjo, accordian, vocals

Richard Neal - guitar, mando, banjo, dobro, vocals


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